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Bess, Letter 1, page 1

May 10, 1949.
Dear Lyman, —
I’m “sitting” to night, at the Williams’
home, and I was here last night while
they went to the movies. And to day, from
after eleven until a quarter of five, I was
at a very lovely home, taking care of
two little girls, aged 4 and 2. I had
lunch with them. It was an easy
way to earn $2.50. This Thursday I’m
to “sit” with these little girls again.

To-morrow, Mrs. Spilman and her
two daughters are to have lunch with
us, and I think Mildred will come,
too. So the days are quite busy ones.

Not a day passes, however, without
loving thoughts of you, and Grace, &
Carol. I hope there will be more
rides, and that Grace will go,
too. I’ve just been writing to
Betty, and to Nell Daggett. I’m getting
rather sleepy, and Ferne Williams
told me I was not to try to keep
awake. So I think I will take a nap
now. I spent most of the day
yesterday at Mildred’s. She was
taking care of Perry who wasn’t feeling
very well. He had been vaccinated
recently, and evidently it was
making him uncomfortable.

- - - - Wednesday, May 11, now. I’m
in bed and soon must put out my
light. I earned $4.00 last night!

We had a very pleasant time to-day


Date written
1949-05-10 and 1949-05-11
x in x x in, ivory unlined
Penmanship Style
File name
to Bess 1---?-001-001-001

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