Benjamin Chew, Papers, Swedish colonists, 1683

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Benjamin Chew, Papers, Swedish colonists, 1683

These are to certifie whom it may concern That we ye ancient Swedes
and Children of the ancient Swedes planted upon ye River Delaware in
America, do declare, That ye first of our Nation ye came & planted
in this River & ye Creeks those unto Belonging, did finde ye Dutch possest
of Othe said River; and t ye Lord Baltimore in the [ ? ] daies made no
Pretensions thereunto, and yt since he had his Patent granted to him by
Charles ye first King of great Britian, he hath never made any Claim to
any part of ye Land upon this River, yt we know of; we are sure he hath
made noe to any yt was or is in our ye [?] Possession, from Christina Creek
to Falls of ye said River Delaware. And we do further certifie, that the
Swedes did anciently purchase of ye Natives ye Lands lying between the said
Christina Creek [?] ye falls of ye River Delaware which with and in obedience to his majesties letters Patents &
declaration together with his Royal highnesses release we have herby submitted ourselves
freely &fully resigned and submitted ourselves to William Bm Esq. as
our rightful Proprieyary & Governour under ye Kings Majesty do joyfully so regreat
Britain & his Successors as our Soveraign, & Fidelity & Obedience to
which we resolve by ye [?] our said Proprietary & Govenrour, his Heirs & under ye King. Signed by us underwritten who have been here about fifty years on yer behalf of our [?] & ye rest of ye ancient Planters yet liveing of ye
Swedish Nation on this Westside of ye River Delaware at Wicoc, ye 11th
day of ye Motnh calld January, 1683.


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Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Chew family papers
Collection 2050
Chew, Benjamin (1722-1810)
G. PA/MD Boundary Dispute
Certificate-Swedish colonists' contest to Lord Baltimore's claim to
land along the Delaware (1683)
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Benjamin Chew_Papers_Swedish colonists 1683-00x-00x-00x

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