Affidavit of John Ross, 1736

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Affidavit of John Ross, 1736

City of Philad.a ss-
John Ross of the County of Lancaster in the Province of
Pennsylvania Yeoman Aged about Forty Years, and Benj. Starret
of the Same County Yeoman Aged about Thirty Years, being Sworn on the
Holy Evangelist Do Declare and Say That these Deponents having been
in the Month of November last, required by the Sherriff of Lancaster
County aforesaid to Attend him in bringing Thomas Cressap Prisoner
from the Town of Lancaster in the County aforesaid to the City of
Philadelphia. He the said Cressap in the hearing of these Deponents, as
well at the Said town as on the Road to Philadelphia Said, that a Body
or Company of Men would Soon be Sent from Maryland to the Said Town
to Lancaster who would take and burn same to Ashes, and therefore
he the said Thomas Cressap threatned that the House now of John
Ross One of the Deponents, wherein one John Emerson lately Dwelt.
within the Mannor of Conestogo belonging to the Proprietaries of
Pennsylvania lying on the East Side of Sasquahanna River Should
very Soon be taken and Burned to Ashes and this Deponent John
Ross in it by Some Men who were to be Sent for that Purpose from the
Government of Maryland, and therefore he the Said Thomas Cressap, in
a like Scoffing or deriding Sort, Advised this Deponent John Ross not to
Expose himself to the Danger of being burned in his House or taken
Prisoner into Maryland which he the said Deponent might daily Expect.

Philadelphia Decemb. 8th 1736
John Ross
Benjamin Starret

Taken before me
Clemt Plumstead, Mayor


for John Ross
Date written
December 8, 1736
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Penmanship Style
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Chew family papers
Collection 2050
Chew, Benjamin (1722-1810)
PA/MD Boundary dispute
Affidavits and Affirmations - Affidavit of John Ross (1736)
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