Maura to Annie Powers, Letter

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Maura to Annie Powers, Letter

Antalya July 8, 1976
Dear Annie,
I hope you are taking the month of August off,
you'd be crazy not to. We are in Antalya on the
Mediterranean, it's really impressive. I've never seen
such blue wat er its really warm & clean.
I've seen my first palm & cactus trees, they are
too much for words. You should see this park they
have here. Its filled with trees, plants, & flowers.
It overlooks the water. We go there every evening
to watch the sun set on the mountains. Its so beautiful.
When your not at the beach the place to be is the
Tea garden. Its where everyone hangs out. I'm
usually the only gal there. It doesn't bother me
too much. Everyone stares at us, it gets annoying at
times. The tea is delicious. They serve it in little
glasses, no milk & everyone here drinks it really
sweet. We have made too many friends. Everyone
wants our company & unfortunately for them we
can't be in two places at once. We have eaten
at five different people's houses. They are extremely
friendly & hospitable. We feel like moochers
sometimes because we Know they have less money
than we do. I eat almost anything now. The
fruit here is so good & cheap, it's too bad we
can't bring any home.

The students learn foreign languages in
school, so I've been speaking a lot of German.
Its really great. We ll be leaving here in a
few days to where I don't Know. We'll be home
in early August, can't wait to see you. I'm
really not looking forward to N.Y. I'm too used to
doing nothing. Take care.

Dan says howdy!


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