Abraham Gochenour, Arithmetic manuscript, subtraction

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Abraham Gochenour, Arithmetic manuscript, subtraction

What is the use of subtraction?
By taking a less number from a Greater it Shews
the difference between both,
How many subtractions are there?
Two. Simple and Compound.

of Simple Subtraction
What is simple subtraction?
Simple or Single Subtraction is the finding a difference
between any two numbers whose signification is the same as
the difference between 6 Yards and 4 Yards is 2 Yards.


Abraham Gochenour
Date written
21 cm x 32 cm; 8 in x 15 in, ivory unlined
Penmanship Style
Courtesy Dartmouth College Library
File name
Gochenour Abraham 17xx-001-001-001

Abraham Gochenour Arithmetic manuscript subtraction mediumcrop 2.jpg