C M Pace, Deed, front

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C M Pace, Deed, front

State of North Carolina} In the Probate Cou[rt]
Henderson County

Be it remembered that
on this the 28th day of December AD 1870
before the undersigned Judge of Probate for said
County personly came Wm R Moor and Sarah A
Moor his wife the persons described in and who
signed the [ annexed? ] deed, and acknowledged the
due execution thereof by them as their act & deed
And thereupon the said Sarah A Moor being
by the undersigned, privately examined separate
and apart from her said husband tacking her free
consent in the execution thereof, she doth declare
on such her examination that she executed the
said deed freely of her own will and accord, and with
-out any force, fear or undue influence of her said
husband or any other person and did still voluntarily
assent thereto Therefore let the said deed and
this certificate be Registered

C. M. Pace
Probate Judge

North Carolina, } Register’s Office
Henderson County,} Dec 31st, 1885.
Thereby certify that the foregoing Deed and
certificate were this day duly Registered in this office in
Book No. 20, “Record of Deeds” on Page 291, [?]
D. Stradley.
Reg of Deeds


C M Pace
D Stradley
Date written
1870-12-28 and 1885-31-12
20 cm x 31 cm, Super, white with blue lines
7.75 in x 12 in, Super, white with blue lines
Penmanship Style
File name
Pace C M 18xx-00x-00x-00x
Stradley D 18xx-00x-00x-00x
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