Articles to be written through crowdsourcing

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This page is intended for articles on the history and development of handwriting.
It is a place where articles will be built and written over a period of time
by one or more authors, and you are invited to join in the process. It is hoped that
a collaborative place will produce better and more comprehensive work. While much
has been written on handwriting and penmanship, there are many details that remain
unknown or forgotten, yet ample effort dedicated to subjects can yield new insights,
and as such, deserve our attention and time.

Please join in the work.

Examples of help you can provide:
-simple Google searches for details
-examining library catalogs
-helping to correct library catalogs -gathering images from the internet
-research in local archives
-gathering and sharing examples from your collection
-writing parts of the article
-editing and commenting on material already created

As a style of limited duration, vertical and upright writing offers the chance to look at
a small window of time and a seemingly finite scope. Although a very focused area of
study, its challenges are nonetheless evident after even a brief examination.