Nellie Knoess, Letter, page 2

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Nellie Knoess, Letter, page 2

6 years & 9 years old. If you remember
when I came to Mother's wake she
came with me and she was so
upset with Mother passing away and
here she left us too in so short
a time. we are all heart broken
I dont have to tell you any more the
children now are in camp for
the sumer with Shelly. I am
running there all the time to
see them.

How are the rest of the
family? I would have loved to
see you all. Especially Daddy,
& Grand ma & {Girlie?}. Give them
my best regards. Wishing you
the best of everything dear.
Come out to see me when
you are in Bklyn.


P.S. Best wishes
to your husband
[?} has a grand wife.


Nellie Knoess
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