S W Wetmore, Christmas at Illinois State Penitentiary, 1878

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S W Wetmore, Christmas at Illinois State Penitentiary, 1878

DEC. 25. 1878

"And all the angels in heaven shall sing
On Christmas Day, On Christmas Day;
And all the angels in heaven shall sing
On Christmas Day
in the morning!"

"Haste we then to welcome,
With a joyous lay,
Christ, the King of glory,
Born for us to day."

Electric pen work by S W Wetmore [[1]]


S W Wetmore
Sidney W Wetmore
Date written
cm x cm in x in
Edison Electric Pen
Penmanship Style
Manuscript, print
Electric pen work by S W Wetmore high resolution close-up [[2]]
Image on this page courtesy of Bill Burns, Electricpen.org [3]
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Wetmore S W 18xx-0x-0x

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