Thomas Alva Edison Papers, Daily Electric Letter, Vol I, No. 39, 1877

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Thomas Alva Edison Papers, Daily Electric Letter, Vol I, No. 39, 1877

Daily Electric Letter.
Vol I. Monroe, La., Tuesday Morning, November 6th, 1877. No. 39

Special to Letter.
Bastrop. La., Nov. 5th New
received here to-day that Mr.
Ernest Hatch, who lived near
Oak Ridge, was shot and killed
on Friday night by a negro.
The negro was accused
of hog stealing and Hatch,
with some others went to
see him about it. The
statement is that the negro
refused to open the door
and they broke it down,
whereupon the negro fired both
barrels of his gun at them
killing Mr. Hatch. Think the
negro escaped.

The Police Jury
in session yesterday passed an
ordinance authorizing the payment
of Parish Taxes in Jury
Certificates -- The Certificates for
the current year to be received
in payment of taxes due and
collectible in 1877. Certificates
issues prior to Jany 1st 1877,
to be received in payment of
taxes due and collectible prior
to Jany 1st, 1877. They took no
action on the warrant question

City Council
met last night but no business
of importance was

Very cheap and good -- Sewing
Machines at Rills Bookstore.

Forty Fifth Congress.
Washington, Nov. 5th.
There were 190 bills introduced
under the call of States.
Among them were two for
reclaiming the alluvial lands
of the Mississippi River.
A bill to authorize the
re-coinage of the standard
silver dollar and to restore
its legal tender character
was passed under a suspension
of rules. The bill
to repeal the resumption
Act was, under a suspension
of rules -- 143 to 48 --
taken out of the morning
hour and made the special
order from to-morrow, till
Tuesday the 13th, when the
vote is to be taken.

Items. Col. Blackburn, of Ky, declines
a place on Committee
on Pacific Railroad vice
Potter resigned.
Col. French, Sgt-at-Arms, had
the Senate and its approaches
tastefully decorated with
emblems of mourning for

Secy State, desires $225,000.
for the Paris Expositions.
No Southern nominations

St. Louis, Nov. 5th. A petition
measuring 127 feet in length
and containing 5,573 names,
was to-day forwarded to
the Committee of Banking
and Currency at Washington
The memorialists ask for
a financial system independent
of a metallic basis --
They insist that the
whole theory of specie resumption
is unsound and

New York, Nov. 5. There is
authority to say that the
statement in a Washington
dispatch that Mr. Potter is
reconsidering his refusal
to accept the Chairmanship
of the Pacific R. R. Committee
is without foundation.

Border Troubles.
City of Mexico, Oct 30th
Via Havana, Nov. 5th
Much excitement prevails at
number reports of fighting
on the Rio Grande between
Mexicans and Americans.
Rumored that party Mexicans
crossed to Eagle Pass and
pulled down American flag
and ran up Mexican banner.
Excitement increased upon
report that number Mexicans
had been killed in Texas.


Date written
x in x x in
Electric Pen
Penmanship Style
Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park
The Thomas Edison Papers, Rutgers University [1]
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