S W Wetmore, Christmas at Illinois State Penitentiary, Programme, 1878

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S W Wetmore, Christmas at Illinois State Penitentiary, Programme, 1878

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players,
They have their exits, and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts."
Shakespeare [1]

Cambridge Comedy Company
Tom Stevens Prison Orchestra

The Performance will commence with the Beautiful Comedietta
Entitled the

Rough Diamond [2]
Margery - Blanche Webster
Lady Plato Miss Jessie Crisp
Sir William - W. A. Lavalle
Capt Blenheim - H. Mortimer
Lord Plato - W. Stuart
Cousin Joe - Frank Hartwell

To be followed by the Roaring Irish Farce

Paddy Miles' Boy [3]
Paddy Miles - Frank Hartwell
Doct. Coates - W. Stuart
Henry Coates - H. Mortimer
Job - W. A. Lavalle
Jane - Blanche Webster
Mrs. Fidget - Jennie Crisp

And to conclude the latest and most successful Negro Farce

The Coming Man
Lollypop - Frank Hartwell
Brannegan - W. Stuart
Charley - H. Mortimer
Annie - Blanche Webster

Admission as usual. Trade dollars taken at par.
Free list suspended.


S W Wetmore
Sidney W Wetmore
Date written
cm x cm in x in
Edison Electric Pen
Penmanship Style
Manuscript, print
Image courtesy of Bill Burns, Electricpen.org [4]
The Thomas A Edison Papers [5]
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Rough Transcription of Edison's Autographic Press Caveat No 2. October 2-3, 1875 [[18]]
History of Edison Electric Pen
Predecessor of Edison's Electric Pen, Samuel Huffman's Puncturing Machine, 1866 [[19]]
Edison et al v Klaber, copyright infringment case, 1889 [[20]]
File name
Wetmore S W 18xx-0x-0x

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